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Welcome to Finally Pockets – where innovation, passion, and the pursuit of athlete comfort converge. Our journey began with a simple observation on the UCSD Triathlon Team, where our founder witnessed the challenges faced by fellow athlete Natalie during her first Olympic distance race in Malibu in September 2022. Frustrated with the lack of convenient storage, Natalie resorted to stuffing energy chews under her sleeves.

Inspired by this real-world experience, the founder envisioned a solution that would redefine the pockets in triathlon suits. The spark of innovation ignited during the Sprint Innovation event at UCSD's the Basement in October of the same year. What started as a project for this event soon evolved into the brand we proudly stand as today.

At Finally Pockets, our core mission revolves around prioritizing athletes' comfort and well-being. We recognized the need for sports action apparel that seamlessly integrates functional and easily accessible pockets, allowing athletes to focus on their performance rather than fumbling with gear.

Our commitment to innovation is not just a promise but a journey that unfolds with each design, ensuring that every pocket serves a purpose in enhancing the overall race experience. As we continue to evolve, we invite you to explore our recent news and blogs, delving into the stories and insights that shape Finally Pockets.

Join us in celebrating the fusion of convenience and performance – where pockets meet purpose. Explore Finally Pockets and experience a new era in triathlon apparel designed with you, the athlete, in mind.


To make a difference in the sport industry prioritizing athletes' comfort and well-being by redesigning sport action apparel with functional pockets for all athletes.


To become recognized as world leader in sport action apparel brands, and make a difference in pocket innovation.


    Listening to athletes' experiences, and recognize the need for an apparel redesign with an emphasis on practicality and style.


    Driven by research, we employ strategic thinking to uncover creative solutions that go beyond the realm of pockets.


    Inclusivity matters. Embracing diverse body types, we strive to create an unparalleled experience for every athletes.

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    Crafted from premium materials, our apparel embody durability and enduring performance.


    We are committed to implementing eco-conscious measures that promotes greener future, one suit at a time.

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