Tri-Suit Product Development Background

Our journey commenced with a simple observation within the UCSD Triathlon Team, where our founder encountered the challenges faced by fellow athlete Natalie during her inaugural Olympic distance race in Malibu in September 2022. Frustrated by the absence of convenient storage, Natalie improvised by tucking energy chews under her sleeves. Inspired by this real-world experience, our founder envisioned a solution that would redefine the storage capability of triathlon suits.

Once the company's beginning logistics were established, we presented our triathlon suit with pockets concept to a clothing designer who crafted an initial design, serving as the foundation for our vision. This design evolved into our prototype 1.0, but we were determined to enhance it.

Fifteen of our suits were dispatched to triathlon athletes for extensive testing over several weeks. Their feedback proved invaluable, guiding us in refining the design and improving materials to create a universally fitting suit, regardless of shape or size. From this feedback, we recognized that the initial pocket challenge required more than a simple solution – sewing a pocket onto a triathlon suit wasn't enough. We understood the need to redesign seam patterns to ensure optimal comfort and functionality by placing pockets where they best served their purpose.

Over several months, we collaborated closely with our clothing designer to develop prototype 2.0. Multiple modifications were implemented to this second prototype, ensuring it was market-ready for our users.

Currently, our team is immersed in the product development stage, continuously striving to enhance our products and brand. We are actively engaging with interested customers by sending out suits for further testing, incorporating valuable insights to refine and perfect our product in the market.
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