Discovering Finally Pockets', Why?

Xiaoyao Li, a student entrepreneur at the University of California - San Diego, is the visionary behind Finally Pockets, a company born out of his recognition of a prevalent storage issue within triathlon attire. His journey from the thought of the idea to realizing its potential was made feasible through the University's startup program, The Basement. What began as a seemingly simple notion ā€“ the addition of pockets to enhance functionality ā€“ proved to be a far more intricate endeavor than initially anticipated.

Finally Pockets is pioneering a new era of pocket innovation in athletic apparel, with a primary focus on triathlon suits. Xiaoyao's personal experience as a triathlon athlete highlighted the lack of functional pocket designs in sportswear. Unlike many companies fixated on optimizing performance or durability, Finally Pockets intents to emphasis practical storage solutions as it remains overlooked. Pockets are often dismissed as a non-necessity, despite their potential to significantly enhance athletic performance.

Reflecting on the journey of launching Finally Pockets, Xiaoyao elaborates on the multifaceted world of entrepreneurship. He underscores the necessity of adaptability and the ability to address various challenges simultaneously. In his view, entrepreneurship entails navigating a landscape of diverse problems with agility and resourcefulness.

Two words of advice Xiaoyao wishes to share with his audience is, with whatever a person intends on doing in life, "get started without worrying about failing" and to "expect the worst but hope for the best".

Driven by his passion for triathlons and a desire to push positive change in the sports industry, Xiaoyao aspires to make a meaningful impact through Finally Pockets. This mission serves as the guiding force behind his entrepreneurial endeavor.


To learn more about the creation and development of Finally Pockets, watch the video below.

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